Full Moon Race


Esztergomi Futóművek Amateur Sport Club

The patron of the competition

Ádám Hernádi, Mayor of Esztergom
Gábor Erős. representative of the Parliament
Zsuzsanna Maráz, ultra runner

Date of race    

20 July 2024.


Esztergom, Castle Hill, Water Town and the bicycle lane along the Danube

Race Centre    

Szent István Strandfürdő (entrance from Malom utca);


Kis Duna sétány (starting point) – Mindszenty hercegprímás tere – Berényi Zs. u. – Molnár sor – Papnevelde utca – Sötétkapu – Szent István tér – Papnevelde utca – Molnár sor – Berényi Zs. u. (Rózsakert étteremig) – Horváth Géza sor – Bicycle road – turning point (measured according to the distance of 4 km and 10 km) – Bicycle road – Horváth Géza sor – Sobieski sétány – Kis Duna sétány (finish)


Conditions of participation

  • acceptance of the rules of the competition;
  • valid registration;
  • knowledge of the particularities of the competition (cobbled road section, unlit sections ont he bicycle road);
  • appropriate preparation for the chosen distance;
  • working headlamp or other lighting device.


  • Online from 15 April to 10 July, or until the limit of places is reached ;
  • on-site registration on the day of the race between 19:00-21:00, subject to availability;
  • the entry is successful if you are on the start list and you have received the confirmation letter - if any of them is missing, email -> esztergomifutomuvek@gmail.com.

Olympic pentathlon

  • Our event is also one of the point collection stations of the Pentathlon program!
    Anyone who participates in our event as a registered Pentathlon racer will be enriched with points depending on the completed distance - and these can be redeemed for guaranteed rewards over time.
    It is important not to forget to enter your Pentathlon ID number when entering, only in this case can we verify your completion.
  • If you are not yet a Pentathlon racer, but would like to become one and would like to start collecting points with us, you can register for it here: https://otprobaparizsba.hu/
  • Number of points that can be obtained: 2 points for the 10 km distance.


Distance 4 km 10km
Start time 22:10 22:00
Limit 200 people 250 people

Entry fees and deadlines:    

Entry fee    4 km   10 km
15 April – 30 April 3500 Ft  4000 Ft
1 May – 31 May  4000 Ft  4500 Ft
1 June – 10 July 5000 Ft  5500 Ft
On-spot  6000 Ft  6500 Ft


50% discount for members of the Esztergomi Futóművek, and for runners under 10 and over 60 years in case of online pre-registration.

Cancellation of the registration 

  • only by e-mail, with a letter sent to the address esztergomifutomuvek@gmail.com and by specifying the bank account number until the registration closes (until midnight on 10 July);
  • in this case, the paid entry fee will be returned after deducting HUF 500 handling costs;
  • the entry fee cannot be transferred to another competition.

Transfer of registration    

  • transfer of the starting right only by e-mail until midnight on 15 July;
  • the transfer must be declared as a cancellation of the entry by e-mail by providing all the recipient's data that was necessary for registration (see confirmation e-mail)
  • from 16 July, modifications are only possible on site;
  • transferring the entry and start number to another person without changing the registration is prohibited!

Modifying the distance    

  • change of distance only by e-mail until midnight on 10 July, subject to availability;
  • the difference of the entry fee must be paid at the time of pick up, + fee will not be refunded;
  • from 11 July, modifications are only possible on site, subject to availability;

Force majeure    

  • In case the competition has to be cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of the organizers (epidemic, flood, natural disaster, etc.) before 1 June, 2024, the competitors can choose from two options:
    - they request a refund of the entry fee (HUF 500 handling fee will be deducted);
    - 100% of the entry fee can be used in the next year's competition (2025).
  • If the competition has to be cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of the organizers (epidemic, flood, natural disaster, etc.) on or after 1 June, 2024, the organizers will not refund the entry fee, 75% of the paid entry fees can be used in the next year's competition (2025).

Handing over race numbers, chip control

Between 19:00 – 21:30 at the race centre

The entry fee includes  

  • unique FNSHR medal;
  • refreshments at the finish and at the 10 km turnaround
  • chip timing;
  • medical attention;
  • night bathing at the Szent István Strandfürdő;
  • online downloadable results and photo album
  • the experience of the competition

Announcement of the results



  • the top 3 male and female finishers in both races will receive a plaque and a gift pack
  • Firefly award for the brightest racers
  • special prize for the youngest and oldest female and male racer


  • At the finish line and at the 10 km turnaround, bottled water and isotonic drinks, self-service.
  • IMPORTANT! Single-use plastic cups will be nowhere!
  • Be GREEN, bring and carry your own :)


  • a qualified paramedic is on standby at the race centre for the duration of the race;
  • participants should be aware that parts of the route are unlit and have cobbled road, making them particularly accident-prone;
  • each participant has a duty to take special care of his/her own and other participants' physical safety and, if necessary, to help a fellow athlete who may have suffered an accident.

Dressing room, values storage    

  • changing facilities and toilets in the race centre;
  • luggage storage at the race renctre;
  • swimming in the beach pool after the race;
  • the organisers take no responsibility for valuables placed in the luggage!

Competition rules

  • By registering online, each participant accepts the contents of the competition notice, the cooperation of the organizer and abides by the rules of the competition
  • By registering, the competitor acknowledges that he is healthy and starts at his own risk. He is both physically and mentally prepared for the chosen distance, he is aware of its length and difficulties.
  • The data provided during registration correspond to reality, and the competitor consents to their storage in the association's database and their use at the events. You also consent to the director sending a newsletter to the given email address.
  • The organiser assumes no responsibility for any inconvenience caused by incomplete submission or by providing inappropriate data.
  • The start number must be worn clearly on the front. The organizers are not responsible for errors resulting from incorrect start numbers.
  • No roller-skating, cycling, running without a number or running with a dog. The competitor acknowledges that any breach of these rules will result in immediate disqualification from the race.
  • The route of the Full Moon Race (narrow cycle path, cobbled slope and climb) is unsuitable for wheelchair and pushchair racing.
  • Competitors who do not complete the full distance, deviate from the designated route or otherwise behave in an unsportsmanlike manner towards their fellow competitors will be disqualified from the race.
  • The organisers reserve the right to stop the race or change the distance for weather and/or safety reasons. The race route may be changed in case of flooding.
  • Age limit: 6 years old for 4 km, 10 years old for 10 km
  • Wearing/using a headlamp and/or a flashlight is mandatory for the Full Moon Race. Their presence will be checked when entering the start-finish zone. The use of torches, candles and other flammable lighting devices is prohibited ! Competitors who do not carry a flashlight or any other lighting device will be disqualified from the race.
  • The organiser reserves the right to take photographs and film of the competition and the competitors, which will remain the property of the organiser and may be freely used for its own promotional activities and publications. The participants in the photos and films are not entitled to any compensation.
  • Any commercial and advertising activities at the venue of the event may only be carried out with the prior permission of the organiser, in an agreed form and manner.

We wish injury-free preparation and good race to all participants!