Mária Valéria Bridge Run and Walk


Esztergomi Futóművek Amateur Sport Club
City Cultural Centre, Párkány (Sk)

The main patrons and patrons of the race

Ádám Hernádi, Mayor of Esztergom
Eugen Szabó, Mayor of Párkány

Gábor Erős, member of Parliament
Zsuzsanna Maráz, ultra runner

Date of the competition   

23 september 2023.

Venues of the competition

Esztergom és Párkány

Race Centre

Balassa Bálint Gazdasági Szakközépiskola és Szakiskola;


Bazilika, Szent István tér (rajt) – Iskola út – Majer István út – Batthyány Lajos utca – Bajcsy Zsilinszky út – Lőrinc utca – Táncsics Mihály utca – Mária Valéria Híd – Széchényicho utca – Főtér – Hlavna utca – Pri Vadasi utca – Vadas Termálfürdő (cél)


Conditions of Patricipation

  • acceptance of the rules of the competition;
  • valid registration;
  • adequate preparation.

Pre-registration (with guaranteed shirt size)

  • 17 May – 30 May for schools by group entry
  • 17 May – 10 August online


  • 4 September – 15 September for schools, in case of group entry
  • 11 August – 17 September online, or on site(subject to availability)


4 km

Starting times 

  • walk: between 11:30-12:00 continuously;
  • run:         13:00

Time limits

  • walk: no limit, closes at 12:45;
  • run         40 perc

Entry fees:    

Entry fee   Pre-registration On site
School group   1500 HUF       -  
Individual student entry   1500 HUF    2000 HUF
Individual adult entry   2500 HUF    3500 HUF
Walk   2000 HUF    2500 HUF

Cancellation of the registration

  • only by e-mail, with a letter sent to the address esztergomifutomuvek@gmail.com and by specifying the bank account number until the registration closes (midnight on 17 September);
  • in this case, the paid entry fee will be refunded after deducting HUF 500 handling fee;
  • the entry fee cannot be transferred to another competition;

Transfer of registration

  • by e-mail only (esztergomifutomuvek@gmail.com) before midnight on 17 September;
  • the transfer must be declared by the person who cancelled the registration by e-mail, giving all the details of the person who received the transfer that were necessary for the registration ( see confirmation e-mail);
  • from 18 September, changes can only be made on site;
  • the transfer of the entry and the rarace number to another person without modifying the registration is prohibited!

Force majeure

  • In case the race has to be cancelled before 11 September 2023 due to reasons beyond the control of the organisers (epidemic, flood, natural disaster, etc.), the competitors have two options:
    - request a refund of the entry fee (HUF 500 handling fee will be deducted);
    - use 100% of the entry fee for the race to be held the following year (2024).
  • If the race has to be cancelled for reasons beyond the control of the organizers (epidemic, flood, natural disaster, etc.) on or after 11 September 2023, the organisers will not refund and entry fees, and 75% of the entry fees paid may be used for the race in the following year (2024)
  • In both cases, the full amount will be refunded tot he schools in the case of group entries.

Handing over race numbers

Between 9:30 – 11:45 at the race centre (ont he day of the race)

The entry fee includes


  • unique logo T-shirt (number of shirts at the Run section);
  • unique commemorative plaque;
  • medical attention;
  • bathing in the thermal bath (Vadas);
  • online downloadable photos;
  • the joy of sporting.


  • unique logo T-shirt for the first 2800 finishers;
  • refreshments at the finish;
  • chip timing;
  • unique medal;
  • medical attention;
  • bathing in the thermal bath (Vadas);
  • online downloadable results and photos;
  • the experience of the race.

Announcement of the results


Awards of the running competition

  • the top 3 male and female finishers in each age group;
  • the top 3 schools with the most pupils – calculated proportionally according tot he number of pupils in the school (walkers included);
    (250.000 HUF - 150.000 HUF - 75.000 HUF);
  • the most athletic primary and secondary school – the average time of the first 75 finishers is counted for a school;
    (100.000 HUF - 100.000 HUF);
  • a raffle draw at the end of the results announcement based ont he race numbers.

Age groups

  • Born between 2013-2017 (6-10 years old);
  • Born between 2009-2012 (11-14 years old);
  • Born between 2005-2008 (15-18 years old);
  • Born between 1984-2004 (19-39 years old);
  • Born between 1974-1983 (40-49 years old);
  • Born between 1964-1973 (50-59 years old);
  • Born in 1963 or before (over 59 years old).


  • an ambulance will accompany the competitors during the race
  • participants should be aware that part of the race is on a slope and cobbled road, which is highly accident-prone (there will be a slow start with lead-up, overtaking of the lad-up car is forbidden);
  • each participant has a duty to take special care of his/her own and other participants’ physical safety and, if necessary, to help a fellow athlete who may have suffered an accident.

Changing room, cloakroom

  • changing facilities and toilets in the race centre;
  • additional toilets in the public toilets opposite the race centre, which are free of charge with a race number;
  • the bus provided by the organizers will take the competitors’ clothing and belongings from the start to the finish:
    - the bus will be parked between 11:30-12:35 at the race centre (Esztergom),
    - until 14:30 at the ticket office of Vadas Thermal Bath (Párkány);
  • the organizers are not responsible for the valuables in the packages!

Competition rules

  • By registering online, each participant accepts the contents of the competition notice, the cooperation of the organizer and abides by the rules of the competition.
  • By registering, the competitor acknowledges that he is healthy and starts at his own risk. He is both physically and mentally prepared for the chosen distance, he is aware of its length and difficulties.
  • The data provided during registration correspond to reality, and the competitor consents to their storage in the association's database and their use at the events. You also consent to the director sending a newsletter to the given email address.
  • The organiser assumes no responsibility for any inconvenience caused by incomplete submission or by providing inappropriate data.
  • The start number must be worn clearly on the front. The organizers are not responsible for errors resulting from incorrect wearing of start numbers.
  • No roller-skating, cycling, running without a number or running with a dog. The competitor acknowledges that any breach of these rules will result in immediate disqualification from the race.
  • Competitors who do not complete the full distance, deviate from the designated route or otherwise behave in an unsportsmanlike manner towards their fellow competitors will be disqualified from the race.
  • The organisers reserve the right to stop the race or change the distance for weather and/or safety reasons.
  • Age limit: 6 years old
  • The organiser reserves the right to take photographs and film of the competition and the competitors, which will remain the property of the organiser and may be freely used for its own promotional activities and publications. The participants in the photos and films are not entitled to any compensation.
  • Any commercial and advertising activities at the venue of the event may only be carried out with the prior permission of the organiser, in an agreed form and manner.

We wish injury-free preparation and good race to all participants!